Openstudio Architects is a design practice engaged with contemporary architecture, interiors, furniture and landscape. Based in London, we undertake projects throughout the world.

We achieve projects of outstanding quality and poetic resonance by working strategically from the beginning. We create innovative work that responds to the immediate requirements of the brief, and yet has the flexibility to adapt over time in response to changing ownership or patterns of use. We layer our projects with meaning that is specific to the place in which we are building.

We work closely with our clients and the whole team, because we believe that the entire design and construction process is critical to the success of the completed project: we build on strong foundations.

We create projects that are spatially intelligent, thoughtfully detailed and enjoyable to use. Our work emphasizes the interaction of space, light and material, and a simplicity that endures over time. Our consideration of every detail of a project, from spaces to structure, materials, lighting and joinery, results in refined and cohesive work.

We aim to integrate landscape elements into the fabric of a building, creating structures that combine the permanence of construction with the fragility of planting. In doing so, we have developed a visual language of sustainable architecture, reinforced by the use of advanced environmental technologies.

We work for cultural, commercial and residential clients who are passionate about their buildings or spaces and want to achieve distinctive and enduring design solutions. Our clients understand the dedication and teamwork necessary to build with excellence and care. They value the spatial clarity and flexibility, the attention to detail and the longevity of construction that we are able to achieve.